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Create Apps to

Monitor and Control

Instathings helps you to design, deploy and manage monitor & control solutions that integrate seamlessly with your favorite software development tools. With the magic of AI.

Create apps to monitor and control your

Feeling overwhelmed by Internet of Things?

Creating projects to monitor and control environments and machineries is hard, because IoT is not like the Web.

Before being productive, you need to learn many things, like how to choose the right hardware, protocols, data management solutions… 

Unless you use Instathings. With our Low-Code IoT Integration philosophy, you can start planning in minutes and deploy in days.

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That's Low-Code IoT Integration

Easy to Plan

Easy to Plan.png

Instathings Planner allows you to design the solution you want to implement, defining the hardware you need to deploy and connect to monitor and control environments and equipment.

Learn about Instathings Planner

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Easy to Deploy

Instathings Edge is our Swiss army knife that manages multiple connection standards (Wi-Fi, GPRS, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Lora, Ethernet, RS485) and protocols (from MQTT to Modbus).

Learn about Instathings Edge

Easy to Integrate

Instathings Cloud collects the data from the Bridges and allows you to consume the data where they create value: intro your development environment, CMMS or PM tool.

Learn about Instathings Cloud

Easy to Integrate.png

Instathings Reef
the first expansion board for Google Coral

Based on Google Coral SoM, Reef acts as a gateway for M2M applications. Relying on the incredible computational power and local AI capabilities, it can bridge most of SW protocols, mixing LAN and WAN technologies.

Learn about Instathings Reef

It's easy to get started.
And it's free. Two things everyone loves.
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