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Instathings Edge

Instathings Edge is a Node.js open source stack for edge computing, designed for Linux embedded IoT gateways.

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Connect everything

Instathings Edge supports many I/O standards and field protocols that can be used to connect devices, from smart home (e.g. Zigbee and Z-wave...) to Industrial IoT (e.g. Modbus, Lora, Sigfox...). It also provides advanced networking and routing capabilities over a wide-range of interfaces (cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet...).​

Robust data management


Instathings Edge implements a native MQTT-based messaging solution, that allows application running on the gateway to transparently communicate with Instathings Cloud.

Remote management 

Instathings Edge supports device onboarding and configuration from the cloud. It also provides a remote management solution, that allows to monitor the overall health of an IoT gateway.

It's easy to get started.
And it's free. Two things everyone loves.
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