About Instathings

Founded in 2019 by Nicola and Claudio, after their successful journey with Stamplay (sold to Apple), Instathings helps developers to integrate any device via API, without worrying about the complexity and fragmentation of automation protocols.

Nicola Mattina

Co-founder and CEO

"I’m a very curious human being. I like to read, to listen, to watch and to learn new things and I spend most of my time trying to understand what happens around me.​"

Claudio Petrini

Co-founder and CTO

"Software engineer always looking for cutting edge technologies. Love IoT, web applications and cyber security."

Chiara Biancacci


"Electronic and biomedical engineer, I’m keen on discovering new things. I love everything that is innovative tech but I’m fond of old style paper books."


Matteo Proietti

"I like to make things work properly and see them grow. I try to learn something new every day: in this way, I grow too."

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