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We turn any

connected device

into an API

Create your smart environment

Use plug-and-play cost-effective hardware to monitor and control any environment.

Collect data from sensors, control lights and devices, set alarms... and much more.
We currently support 584 Zigbee devices from 112 vendors.








Connect your smart environment to the cloud

You need few clicks to configure and secure an Instathings gateway.
We provide a very affordable ready-to-use kit or instruction to create your own gateway using a Raspberry Pi and a Zigbee USB key.
Once you have the Instathings gateway, pairing the devices is a matter of minutes.

Monitor and control from your favourite tools and development platforms

Once the devices are connected to the cloud, you can create applications using your favorite software development tool. 

You can monitor comfort of workspaces, restaurants, shops or homes: automatically acquire data to comply with regulations., watch over energy consumption...

The limit is your imagination.

Quickbase - Mockup.png
Slack - Mockup.png

Zigbee is just the beginning ;)

Connected devices use many different protocols.

We are adding them one at the time to give you access to thousands of possibilities to create smart environments. 

It's easy to get started.
And it's free. Two things everyone loves.
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