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Use building automation protocols via API

Works seamlessly with Zigbee, HTTP, KNX and Modbus devices.

Free and Open - Fair-Code licensed.

Click on the image to watch a short demo video, which shows how to integrate a Zigbee device via API.

Why use Instathings?

One-Click Integration

You don't need to be a hardware guru to integrate any device into your application. Instathings manages the complexity and the fragmentation of automation protocols.

Reliable Stack

Instathings Edge is a Node.js application that can be installed on any device running Linux and Docker. Instathings Edge connects via MQTT to AWS.

React to Events

Build your application leveraging our REST API and react to events via websockets. Instathings stores your data on AWS at a convenient price (free for now).

What protocols and devices are supported?

Lista Loghi.png

We support WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, KNX and Modbus protocols which means thousands of devices. You can add your own with an assisted process. Check the list.

It is easy to get started!

Don't forget to read the f**king documentation 😉

and to contribute to the project on Github

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